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About us

2 years ago, our founder, JB, wrote a book titled "Slaying the Lion: Hunt What is Hunting You." In it, he encouraged everyone to quit being a victim to all of the obstacles, or lions, that life brings our way. JB knows what it is like to spend years in depression and with a lost sense of identity. Sometimes it can be so easy for us to accept defeat. It can be so easy for us to forget how powerful we are, and how much we are loved. That is why this apparel line was created. We are for all of the people who still have scars from the fights that life has brought to their doorways. We are for all of the people who know what it is like to lose and have to find the strength to get up the next day and fight again. We are for every, single person who has won the fight and wants to encourage others that they can to. We are for YOU! 

We're not just a store. We are messengers. We are a community. Together, all of us are Lion Slayers...and we need your help getting the word out!