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May 17, 2022 1 min read

This mantra, "I Slay Lions" is something that I daily strive to live by. It is not some cutesy statement either. In my opinion, it is an invitation for conflict. See, when I wrote my first book "Slaying the Lions (Available on Amazon)", I understood lions to represent obstacles that were standing in the way of me achieving the things that I have been created to achieve. Lions were standing in the way of my purpose. They were standing in the way of my dreams. Lions like fear, or addiction, or poor self image. Maybe you know some of these lions as well. Maybe they have hunted and haunted your life along the way. 

When you see "I Slay Lions" on a tshirt or other form of apparel, it is a reminder to me that God has not created me to fear lions, but He has given me the courage to face them instead of cowering. He has given me victory instead of victimhood. I Slay Lions is a battlecry that I use when feelings of being overwhelmed threaten to push me off of the path that has been set before me. It reminds me who I am, and what I am put here to do.

My prayer is that it can do the same for you.